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Eric Hogan

Eric Hogan

President and CEO

Eric is an acclaimed digital content creator, filmmaker and advertising creative director. He is a recipient of Business in Vancouver's "Top 40 Under 40" award.

He works across multiple communications platforms and is the Creator and Executive Producer of a number of television programs. Credits include Gumboot Kids, a children's television show currently in development with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, A Window Looking In, and Dwelling.

Eric's advertising work has included online and traditional media and has earned awards and honors in Canada and the United States. His advertising credits include television and online video campaigns for the Carbon War Room, Coca Cola, the Internet Society and League of Conservation Voters.

With a broad background that includes advertising and journalism, Eric has developed a distinct and impactful visual and storytelling style. He is a member of the Foundation Board of Directors for Langara College.

Don Millar

Don Millar

Managing Director

Don is an award winning story-teller who works across multiple communications platforms. He is an acclaimed writer who has developed ground-breaking digital and television content for leading NGOs and major global brands.

The Globe and Mail calls him an "advertising guru" known for his "creative magic." He is a member of Vancouver Magazine's "Power 50" which lists the 50 most influential people in the City.

He has experience in the energy, financial services, real estate, shipping and hospitality sectors, as well as international NGOs, universities and governments. He is an expert in communications on issues relating to climate change who frequently appears in the media as a commentator on environmental issues.

Don also produces advertising for and provides counsel to the Premier of British Columbia and the Mayor of Vancouver.

He is a member of the Board of Directors of Vancouver's Contemporary Art Gallery.



John Manning

John Manning

Account Executive

John Manning is an account executive with experience managing all aspects of advertising campaigns, including media placement, across broadcast, digital and print communications platforms.  He worked for several elected officials, including senior political roles with three successive British Columbia Ministers of Health.  

John served as Vice President (Operations) at the Queen's University AMS, where he received a Bachelor's Degree in Economic and Environmental Science.

Bryn Choppick

Bryn Choppick

Creative Supervisor

Bryn Choppick is an award-winning Creative Supervisor with expertise in brand development and writing for web, speeches, advertising, opinion pieces and talking points.

Bryn works with corporations, non-governmental organizations and government clients to develop and implement strategic communications plans that are executed across a number of mediums. His work has received PRNews' 2011 Nonprofit PR Award, as well as positive reviews in the trade publication Marketing Magazine.

Bryn received a Masters of Rhetoric and Communication Design from the University of Waterloo.


Media Properties

Here is a quick snapshot of some of the media properties Hogan Millar currently has in development. Contact President & CEO Eric Hogan here to discuss creative partnerships as well as additional projects.


Dramatic TV Series

HOT follows online crusader Dominique Drexel and controversial billionaire Michael Russell as they lead an eclectic team battling climate criminals, including Dominique's father.

Aimed at a young audience, it has the vibe of 24 and entertains while dealing with the most urgent issue of our time. For more information contact Managing Director Don Millar here.

Perception Inc.

Dramatic TV Series

If you think the NSA, the CIA and Special Operations are shrouded in mystery, well, even Edward Snowden can't tell you what Perception Inc. is really up to. They combine the worlds of political spin, public relations and espionage to mold and manipulate public opinion, government and the financial markets.

For more information contact Managing Director Don Millar here.



Click on each logo to see case studies. To see more visit us on Vimeo, or watch our reel.

Selected Clients

Anheuser-Busch InBev
  • Multinational beverage and brewing company with 25% market share
  • Development of stakeholder video series highlighting Social responsibility initiatives
  • Creative and production services
  • World's largest beverage company
  • Launch of Sustainability Report
  • Online video and earned media planning
HSBC Bank Canada
  • International banking company
  • Developed proprietary research report on sustainability and sustainability communications by HSBC and key competitors
  • Research and recommendations for enhancing profile in environmental space
Vancouver Canucks
  • NHL hockey team
  • Brand development and management
  • Owner and Chairman Reputation Management
The Pew Charitable Trusts
  • American NGO working to improve public policy and inform the public on urgent issues
  • Developed online campaign to raise national security implications of climate change
  • Message development, online video production, online communications planning
Finavera Wind Energy
  • Renewable energy company active in Canada and Ireland
  • Developed branding plan, company narrative and capital market communications strategy
  • Strategic planning
MGM Resorts International
  • One of the world's leading gaming and hospitality companies
  • Development and implementation of comprehensive, industry-leading sustainability communications program
  • Brand and message development, sustainability report writing and design, CEO speech-writing
League of Conservation Voters
  • American advocacy organization for the environment
  • Helped endorsed candidates in eight US Senate races, including seven winning campaigns
  • Direct mail, radio, television and print online advertising
Carbon War Room
  • Business NGO led by Sir Richard Branson and President Jose Maria Figueres
  • Developed roll out strategy for organization and launched various initiatives
  • Media relations, speech writing and online video
  • Denmark-based international shipping company
  • Outreach to environmental stakeholders to promote "Triple E Class" energy efficient ships
  • Message development, internet strategy, blog outreach


To see more visit us on Vimeo, or watch our reel.


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